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Hi, I'm Ginger, a Health Optimization Coach, Primal Health Coach, biohacker and 2x world champion women's professional tackle football player (retired).  My mission is to empower people to optimize their health, reconnect to their authentic selves, tap into their personal power, and create deeper self love in their lives. I did this for myself and now I want to share how it can be done.

Health Optimization

This is about way more than weight...

Anyone can do this. There is a science behind how the body works, and principles of reprogramming your genes based on evolutionary health information we know about our hunter/gatherer ancestors.  I want to share all this with you and that means many different things: losing weight, better sleep, ample play time and LOTS more.  So what does all that add up to? Feeling really damn good. Not just by looking in the mirror (which rocks as well), but on the inside. Treating this body, this one temple we have with all the love we can.  

Understand something....

You are worth it. You matter. You are loved. You are powerful beyond measure.  AND, you are perfect.  Don't bother with regrets.  Understand that you did the best you could at any particular time in your past.  And now look inside yourself. Are you where you want to be? Are you who you desire to be? Are you being kind to yourself?  There is a authentic you inside you, being kind to yourself is part of that authentic self. Taking care of your body is part of that kindness.  It's a process of self discovery, getting to know ourselves from the inside, who we are already, who we desire to be, who we have the potential to become. I'm here to support you in your journey to your authentic self; to take back control and find your inner power and find strength from taking full control of your health...and who knows what other great things will follow....

Your body is an extension  of you.  And he/she deserves to be treated with kindness and love, the same way you do.

There is a fat switch. And it's not a matter of starving yourself, another yo yo diet or hours at the gym. You can permanently, safely and effectively lose weight armed with the right information.

Part of our work together includes creating a safe environment, managing sustainable lifestyle habits, having fun, and understanding why your body wants to carry the weight.

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