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Football Video Gallery

Videos from past football seasons with the Boston Militia.

Ginger's 50th Touchdown

Fun night in Somerville as I reach a milestone in my football career. A long awaited, amazing and fun night versus the New York Sharks. After catching the pass the defender never touched me so I got up and ran it in. After scoring the touchdown I brought the ball up to the stands and handed it to my mother.

Super Bowl Ring Presentation

Hard Rock Cafe in Faneuil Hall Boston for our Super Bowl ring presentations. It was right around my birthday the night of the party. Our owner Ernie Boch Jr. is handing out the rings and Coach Beasely is calling out the players.

Boston Militia Super Bown Endzone Countdown

Militia’s famous endzone countdown after the Super Bowl. P11 to win it all.

Mass Mutiny Interview 2005

Great interview and footage of the 2005 team.

Boston Militia Player Interviews

Militia players talk about the game, injuries, physicality, teammates and the love of the game.

Boston Militia Super Bowl Song

First time at the Super Bowl? You’d never know it, the girls get “friendly” before the game. It really set the stage for having fun and enjoying the game and each other as teammates and friends.

Boston Militia Eastern Conference Championship Promo

Promo video created to advertise the game on local TV.

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