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Life Mastery With Tony Robbins

First impressions fresh back from Tony Robbins Life Mastery Miami. This is my third Tony Robbins event, Unleash the Power Within 3 years back in Chicago and Wealth Mastery 2 years ago in Coronado. It's part of the 4 programs in Mastery University that I purchased a couple years ago. I have just Date with Destiny remaining to complete that I'll probably wait and do next December. Happy to report, this one was another amazing event. This was the first Life Mastery they had here in the US and not in Fiji in quite a long time so I jumped on it. To my delight, this event they actually let us take breaks during the day to reflect, rest and journal. Because of the fact everyone was on a cleanse all week and just eating juices, oils and broth, they understand that people need more rest. As many know nearly all other Tony Robbins events are non stop till the wee hours. I met a ton of phenomenal people as well as so many great speakers, trance dancing, jumped off a 50' pole, singing, a comedian, world-renowned body structure expert, rebounding, tons of amazing health information, a raw foodist, working with relationships, and I know more now about my colon than I ever thought necessary. They had colon hydro-therapies going on all week, of which I did not partake in but clearly see the advantages and look forward to scheduling back here in Boston some time soon. Being that I did not partake in the cleanse, I did stay in the spirit of it and ate a shake and one salad each day. Severely cutting down my food intake, of which was a new area for me. Including fewer calories, I've already started integrating some of the healthier eating I learned. More raw foods, when to eat, what to combine, drinking, lymphasising, essential oils and of course continuing to cut down and cut out animal flesh, sugar, etc. So as time passes I think I'll keep experimenting and eventually settle in to something that works best for my body. I did notice a slight toning of my legs even after just one week of cutting my food intake. Pretty wild. I've being going back over the material and my notes and really enjoying the in depth information. Anyone wanting to really step up and draw a line in the sand with their health, this is a great place to start. The cleanse and colon therapies get you really cleaned out and having the support of 300 other people around you doing the same thing is unmatched from anything you can get at home. The Doral Golf resort was amazing and it's clear why Tony usually holds these in Fuji, the power of your environment really does a lot in maintaining a certain state of mind. There was also very little selling during the event. Having attended different speakers events over the years, sometimes the up-selling of other products was so bad it drove me away from ever going to another event. This one was very acceptable and often intertwined with a lot of informative information so everyone benefited even if you did not end up purchasing. Still loving Tony Robbins, his entire staff, and what he brings to the world. I've never seen anyone so genuine and driven to help people. More posts to come from this event. For now, I'm feeling happy, cleansed and grateful for the online world that allows me the freedom to attend these powerful personal development events.

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