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The One Basic Reason People Fail to Achieve Their Goals

You’ve probably heard of that study done years ago with college students validating the effectiveness of written goals. If you want to be one of that 1% that actually succeeds that’s not the end of your work.

You’ve got them written out all nice, you have picked a great accountability partner and you are “all in” and fully commitment, but that’s just the precursor.

People fail after this point for one basic reason. They never take the first steps.

With some help from Tony Robbins I’ll explain THE DRIVING FORCE and his Science of Momentum.

Step 1

Put yourself in a Peak State For peak performance Physiology/Focus

Step 2

Find your Passion! Values Fuel the Drive -What do you love? -What do you hate? -What are you passionate about? -What do you really want? -What really drives you in life?

Step 3

Decide, Commit & Resolve Unleash your power!

Step 4

Take immediate, intelligent, consistent & Massive Action! Intelligently employed massive action can be a cure-all. -Get a proven model (or create one). -Get a plan -Do something immediately, before leaving the site of setting your goal. Urgency is power!

Step 5

Be S.M.A.R.T Be honest with yourself. -Strategy, check it. Change it. Re-engineer it. Reinforce it. Strengthen it. -Measure more often! -Assess whether it’s giving you the emotional reward you want. -Reinforce what works and take new action to continue the momentum. -Take new action!

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. -Anthony Robbins

The Forces: Accelerators/Brakes

1. Emotions 2. Concentration of Power 3. Modeling 4. Synergy 5. Environment

Always know your daily plan. Write it out the night before. This get’s it out of your head, and gets you started right away the next day.

Don’t live your backup plan! It’s never too late to set new goals and start them today. You’ll always find a way. The Universe rewards action!

Action is simple Emotion IN Motion.

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