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Proper Food Combining For Healthy Digestion

Proper food combining may help you reduce bloat, help weight loss, increase energy, relieve digestive discomfort and improve absorption of nutrients. Depending on the food you eat your digestive system kicks in either acid or alkaline environment to aide in digestion. Also, some food moves through and digests faster than others. So knowing how to properly combine food types will assure a healthier digestion and a happier you.

Some general tips:

> Avoid mixing fruits with other foods, especially proteins.

> Eat fruit by itself and on an empty stomach.

> Avoid sugary desserts right after other foods.

> Consuming more than one protein at a meal is hard on the digestive system.

> Vegetables should be the nucleus of each meal.> Milk does not combine well with other foods.

> Melons digest rapidly and ferment easily in the stomach. A melon appetizer will probably cause gas in the intestines.

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