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Speed Up Videos And Save Hours Of Your Time

Not sure about you but I like to learn, and I like to learn FAST. If there was a way to plug in to the Matrix I’d be all over that. But for now the best we can do in our busy lives is try to fit it all in, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Enter MySpeed from Enounce.

Tiny little program you install that automatically knows when a video is playing and pops up a slider to control the speed. Speed up lectures, seminars, training, speeches up to 5 times faster. This simple tool has cut tens or even hundreds of hours off my learning time.

It may take some time getting used to hearing things faster but your brain does adjust and the clarity is great. No high pitch chipmunk type sound, that’s adjusted so it simply sounds like a fast talker.

You can slow it down as well if you need to. Perhaps it’s some really creative or deep content you want time to ingest as you hear it, or even technical instructions you are trying to follow along with.

Photo below shows the MySpeed slider playing with a video. You can move it anywhere on your screen as you see fit.

It comes with a free 7 day trial and works with Windows Or Mac. It’s $30 to buy it outright and a $99 version for a few more bells and whistles including offline videos. I’ve been using the $30 version since day one and it’s been great.

Couple things to know, the basic version works primarily with flash based videos, which are most common and what TED and YouTube uses so it covers the majority of what you will ever watch. Also, if you have a slow connection you may need to let the video buffer for awhile first because the speed you can set it at might be faster than your connection. When that happens it just keeps having pauses while the connection catches up. But if your connection is normal to fast you are good to go.

We listen at a rate of at least 3 times faster than we speak.

Now imagine listening to someone who actually talks slow. Pulling my hair out thinking about it. Or better yet, your MLM schedules a webinar at 9PM during Sunday night football! That’s where I draw the line people. Watch the recording the next day on your schedule in HALF the time. Friends, this little time saver is a gem.

Happy speed watching!

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