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Mini Trampoline (Rebounder)

Rebounding give you an increased G-force (gravitational load), which benefits your whole body by strengthening the musculoskeletal systems.

The benefits of rebounding include, providing lots of feel good hormones, stimulating your metabolism, the lymphatic system, strengthens the cardiovascular system, circulates oxygen to tissues, triggers blood flow. It also improves so many other internal systems including your immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, circulatory and lymphatic.

It's easy to use, fun, and full of amazing benefits! I keep mine in the office and use it whenever I need a boost of energy. There are a ton of different kinds, keep in mind that price tends to follow quality so don't skimp. I have a JumpSport and absolutely love it! Rebounding is always a welcome inclusion to my daily biohacking routine(s).


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